Computer Spec

PC Information Report

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System Information

System Manufacturer:System manufacturer System Model:System Product Name System Type:x64-based PC

Operating System Information

Operating System Name:Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

C:WindowsDeviceHarddisk1Partition2 Build:7601(Multiprocessor Free) Service Pack:1.0 Status: OK

Memory Information

Total/Free Physical Memory (in GB):4.00/2.40

Graphics Card Information

Graphics Card 1 Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS Driver Version: Date of current driver:20110803000000.000000-000 Video Memory:0.31 GB (320.00 MB)

Processor Information

Number of Logical Processors: 2 Processor:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6320 @ 1.86GHz

Current Clock Speed:1.58 Ghz Maximum Clock Speed:1.86 Ghz

External Clock Speed (If present):0.30 Ghz Processor Type:64 Bit Processor Status:OK Processor information can be affected by power management and certain processor features.

DirectX and Drive Information

Detected DirectX version: (This may not match any expected values)

Drive Information:

Drive C:: 335.72GB Free ( 931.41 GB Capacity after formatting)
Drive D:: 39.53GB Free ( 149.05 GB Capacity after formatting)
Drive G:: 0.89GB Free ( 3.05 GB Capacity after formatting)|Drive X:: 76.41GB Free ( 1,375.34 GB Capacity after formatting)
Drive Y:: 285.96GB Free ( 1,375.34 GB Capacity after formatting)
Drive Z:: 22.97GB Free ( 1,375.34 GB Capacity after formatting)

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