Industrial_Mayhem_1.cdp TS2010 fun route with 14 industries and 18 consists on one board.

Modified to be 'All Built-in'.

18_Consists.cdp Session, 18 programmed consists, can you add more and still keep them running?

I'm sure you can! The Guinness book awaits!

TriggerMultipleSignalsTane.cdp Example of the usage of Trigger Multiple Signals

For T:ane all built-in.

Example_schedules.cdp Feeding industries using a schedule, Also T:ane

load_me.cdp Session to demonstrate the schedule.

Rules required:

Resource Verify Rule (fixed) <kuid:160293:10060>

Driver Schedule Rule <kuid2:82445:90001:9>

Schedule Library <kuid2:192081:12:5>

All on the DLS.

turntable_demo_route.cdp Route to demo use of a turntable.

turntable_demo_session.cdp session to suit.

Example turntables AJS_route_TaneSP3.cdp Two turntables in operation.

Example turntables AJS_session_TaneSP3.cdp session to suit.

Made for Tane SP3 shows a consist making repeat trips to an industry.

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